Gay male massage. Kahuna, Tantra and Sexological Bodywork

Milo's gay erotic massage

Kahuna Massage

All bookings include a discussion of boundaries and consent.


Entry level erotic massage.

Includes body contact, external genital and anal massage and happy ending.

One-way touch. Hands only.

$300/90mins. $200/60mins.


Be the centre of attention and release yourself into receiving.

Let go and allow me to worship the altar of your body.

Includes ‘Relax’ plus: internal genital and anal massage, prostate massage and oral.

One-way touch. Hands and oral.

$350/90mins. $250/60mins.


Massage makes great foreplay. It helps to reconnect mind and body so that one can experience mutual pleasure more deeply.

Give yourself time to settle with 30-90mins of sensual massage before delving into the more active realms of erotic connection.

Includes ‘Receive’ plus: internal genital and anal massage, prostate massage, mutual oral, kissing, fucking, cuddling and showering together.

Two-way touch. Full service.

$500/120mins. $400/90mins. $300/60mins.

Milo massaging a sexy naked man


I invite you into an exploration of the realms of pleasure and sensation. By playing with the tension between desire and fulfilment it is possible to revel in prolonged states of ecstasy.

I will guide you through somatic practices that cultivate connection and intimacy and coach you in a variety of skills that expand your capacity for pleasure and enjoyment. Eg. Bodyscanning, breathwork, eye-gazing, sensate focus, taoist erotic massage, arousal control etc.

Tantric sessions can be tailored to support learning, connection and mutual pleasure. They may include but are not limited to:

Grounding exercises; Energy exchange practices; Connection rituals; Mutual massage etc.

240mins/$800. 180mins/$700. 120mins/$600.

Sexological Bodywork

I teach sex education and mindful eroticism using a combination of bodywork and somatic practice. This service is available to all bodies regardless of genital configuration. Singles, couples or polycules welcome.

Free 30min consult.

Special introductory rates (in-person): 1 x 90min/$100. 3 x 90mins/$270. 5 x 90mins/$400

Special introductory rates (via Zoom): 1 x 90min/$80. 3 x 90mins/$240. 5 x 90mins/$350

What is sexological bodywork?

‘Bodywork’ includes a diverse range of modalities (e.g Osteopathy, Massage, Yoga etc.) that use physical therapies to promote wellbeing. ‘Sexological’ bodywork is concerned with sex and sexuality. It is somatic sex education.

‘Somatic’ in this context means ‘of the body’. It is synonymous with ‘embodied’, meaning ‘existing in bodily form’.

Why see a sexological bodyworker?

  • Early/delayed ejaculation. Erectile difficulty.
  • Pelvic pain or numbness. Pre-orgasmic (anorgasmia).
  • Miss-matched couples who desire more connection.
  • Change habitual or compulsive sexual patterns (eg. reduce use of porn/fantasy, diversify attraction, expand arousal).
  • Learn to experience more pleasure.
  • Learn genital anatomy
  • Scar remediation

NOTE: Sexological bodywork clients must wait a minimum of 12 months from their last session before they can access any of the sexual services described on this website. This ethical standard protects the integrity of the practitioner, the industry and the safety of the client.

All participating humans reserve the right to withdraw consent for any specific act at any point in time.

100% respect for discretion.

Private numbers are auto-blocked.

Vaccinated, ‘Prep’ed and screened regularly.

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