Erotic Massage

All bookings include a discussion of boundaries and consent.

All participating humans reserve the right to withdraw consent for any specific act at any point in time.

100% respect for discretion.

Private numbers are auto-blocked.

Vaccinated, ‘Prep’ed and screened regularly.

-See below for escort services-


Come play with me and revel in prolonged states of ecstasy.

I will guide you through somatic practices that cultivate connection and intimacy and coach you in a variety of skills that expand your capacity for pleasure and enjoyment. Eg. Bodyscanning, breathwork, eye-gazing, sensate focus, taoist erotic massage, arousal control etc.

Tantric sessions can be tailored to support learning, connection and mutual pleasure. They may include but are not limited to:

Grounding exercises; Energy exchange practices; Connection rituals; Mutual massage, Body worship, Edging etc.

Full service inclusive.

4hrs/$800. 3hrs/$700. 2hrs/$600.

Somatic Sex Education

Using a combination of bodywork and somatic practice, I will guide you through an embodied education about sex and eroticism. This service is available to all bodies regardless of genital configuration. Singles, couples or polycules welcome.

What is sexological bodywork?

‘Bodywork’ includes a diverse range of modalities (e.g Osteopathy, Massage, Yoga etc.) that use physical therapies to promote wellbeing. ‘Sexological’ bodywork is concerned with sex and sexuality. It is somatic sex education.

‘Somatic’ in this context means ‘of the body’. It is synonymous with ‘embodied’, meaning ‘existing in bodily form’.

Why see a sexological bodyworker?

  • Early/delayed ejaculation. Erectile difficulty.
  • Pelvic pain or numbness. Pre-orgasmic (anorgasmia).
  • Miss-matched couples who desire more connection.
  • Change habitual or compulsive sexual patterns (eg. reduce use of porn/fantasy, diversify attraction, expand arousal).
  • Learn to experience more pleasure.
  • Learn genital anatomy
  • Scar remediation

Free 30min consult.

Special introductory rates (in-person): 1 x 90min/$100. 3 x 90mins/$270. 5 x 90mins/$400

Special introductory rates (via Zoom): 1 x 90min/$80. 3 x 90mins/$240. 5 x 90mins/$350

Note: Sexological Bodywork operated under a strict ethical code. Clients must wait a minimum of 12 months from their last session before they can access any of the sexual services described on this website.

About Me

I describe myself as an earthy, hippy-farmer. My genuine, down-to-earth character is very easy going.

My masculine side is well balanced with the feminine. This is expressed through my skills, temperament and creative expression. I embody playfulness and curiosity.

I can comfortably traverse a variety of social settings but I am most at home spending quality time outdoors.

Ultimately, I am a multi-faceted human with a diverse experience and strong self-awareness. The best way to connect with the nuances of my character is by spending some time with me.

I am confident that you won’t regret it.

Escort Services

All bodies deserve respect, intimacy and connection.

Escort bookings are open for day trips, date nights, social activities, quality time, events etc. 4hr+ bookings are inclusive of all bodywork services (excluding Sexological Bodywork).

Kink and BDSM bookings are by negotiation. All genuine requests are considered. Please call/text to discuss your needs.

I strive to meet your romantic and sexual desires with a curious mind and open heart. More about me below.

Call for enquiries about multi-day bookings and ongoing arrangements eg. Sugar baby; Master/Slave relationships

4hrs/$800. 8hrs/$900. 12hrs/$1000. 24hrs/$1500

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