Gay male escort. Massage, Tantra, Kink.

Milo Lays on the bed, his right arm propping up his head. He is naked but a pillow covers his cock.
Milo Lays on the bed, his right arm propping up his head. He is naked but a pillow covers his cock.
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All bodies deserve respect, intimacy and connection.

Escort services

Escort bookings are open for day trips, date nights, social activities, quality time, events etc. 4hr+ bookings are inclusive of all bodywork services (excluding Sexological Bodywork).

Kink and BDSM bookings are by negotiation. All genuine requests are considered. Please call/text to discuss your needs.

I strive to meet your romantic and sexual desires with a curious mind and open heart. More about me below.

My base rate is $150/hr. Reduced rates for extended bookings as below. Call for enquiries about multi-day bookings and ongoing arrangements.

4hrs/$600. 8hrs/$800. 12hrs/$1000. 24hrs/$1500

About me

I describe myself as an earthy, hippy-farmer. My genuine, down-to-earth character is very easy going.

My masculine side is well balanced with the feminine. This is expressed through my skills, temperament and creative expression. I embody playfulness and curiosity.

I can comfortably traverse a variety of social settings but I am most at home spending quality time outdoors.

Ultimately, I am a multi-faceted human with a diverse experience and strong self-awareness. The best way to connect with the nuances of my character is by spending some time with me.

I am confident that you won’t regret it.

I’m a passionate lover and good kisser who loves cuddles and intimacy.

I am tactile and 100% versatile. I enjoy taking an active role in giving and receiving pleasure.

Nipple play makes me convulse with erotic energy. Natural armpit smell makes me horny.

I love having my feet worshipped and enjoy subs/slaves who are eager to relinquish control.

I would love to find my ideal sugar daddy.

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